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Traditional Due Diligence

From initial real estate due diligence prior to acquisition, to services that help prioritize capital expenditures and minimize operating costs, NOI Engineering is a trusted partner throughout the total ownership cycle.  An environmental assessment is conducted to identify potential environmental conditions related to on-site and off-site activities.  A phased approach allows the client to maximize the information obtained while minimizing costs.  Property Condition Assessments are often completed to evaluate the remaining useful life of building systems.  By doing so, NOI Engineering can assist our clients with preserving capital expenditures, while at the same time extending the useful life of critical building components and systems.


Property Condition Assessment Services


Property Condition Assessments are often required as part of pre-purchase, owner commissioned, or refinance transactions.  NOI Engineering services include a site visit to evaluate the general condition and maintenance history of the property and to assess the overall design and construction of structures.  All available on-site project and construction documentation is reviewed and interviews with property managers, tenants, and local officials are typically conducted.


NOI Engineering’s Property Condition Report's offer a narrative on the condition and adequacy of all site and building improvements and includes forms and information including items of deferred maintenance, estimates of immediate and annual replacement reserves, and comments on the building’s conformance with code, ADA, unfinished work, and FHA compliance.


Environmental Site Assessment Services


NOI Engineering field professionals have have decades of combined experience in conducting and managing Environmental Site Assessments for private clients, banks and government agencies all over the country. Our team is trained to conduct or review Phase I investigations in accordance with ASTM E1527-13, EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae DUS and HUD Guidelines or specific lender requirements.


Traditional Due Diligence Services are typically provided for multi-family residential, commercial, hospitality, new construction, and industrial facilities.


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